En-Primeur participation

‘En Primeur’ or ‘Wine Futures’ is the purchase of wine early, while a vintage is still maturing in barrel.  It offers consumers an opportunity to:

  • Secure allocations at the initial release price, as purchasing after bottling is usually more expensive.
  • Purchase a vintage, which carries symbolic meaning to a consumer (birth year wines for their children).
  • Guarantee provenance of wines and peace of mind knowing that allocations are directly supplied from the Chateau.
  • Purchase the latest vintage of a wine of particular interest which one has followed over the years . This is especially important for wines where there is always more demand than there is supply.
  • Specify your preferred size of bottling and packaging.
  • Purchase rare, sought-after or small-production wines that may not be available commercially after bottling.

As a client of Omtis Fines Wines, you will have the benefit of participating in En-Primeur with us, an advantage owed to our sizeable allocations and close connections with supplier networks.


Other purchasing

We also specialise in the purchasing and investment of wines that are past En-Primeur. Omtis Fine Wines’ family office wealth managers are a team of talented investors, set apart by a long established and proven track record in strong portfolio performance.


Wine market-place

Omtis Fine Wines provides a safe and low risk trading platform for our clients. Unlike many other wine merchants who do not have their own allocations, Omtis Fine Wines allows clients to off-load their assets back to us.  Because we’ve owned it, and have personally ensured its quality, clients may sell their wine back to us, provided it never left the supervision of our cellar.


Performance reviews

Omtis Fine Wines can review and provide a valuation of your wine portfolio on a yearly basis, using tools already available allowing us to keep track of exposures, risks and withdrawals.