Our Business

In 2014 Omtis celebrated its 60th anniversary in Hong Kong, marking almost a century since my family first arrived in Shanghai after hardships in post-war Europe. 

Over the last 100 years, our business has evolved through changing times, sustaining monumental shifts, which remains to this day critical to our organic development. However, through all of this change, a few things have remained constant: our dedication to luxury goods, excellence in what we do, and the ability to form impartial advice.  Underpinning these guiding principles is the value we have always placed on legacy and preservation of familial traditions, the touchstone by which we judge all of our activities.

Omtis Fine Wines was borne of an entrepreneurial spirit and our family’s love for wine.  In the early 1980’s we became one of Hong Kong’s first wine and spirit distribution companies and have since converted our shared passion into a leading enterprise in Asia that has not only kept the family close in business, but that has ensured the safekeeping for our future generations.     

As a family, we have enjoyed consuming and investing in wine.  It has brought us together as we hope it will for you.


Raymond Bera